Should one compromise on Price or Style?

How to debate this question continues to be an extremely popular topic amidst designers, artisans, and architects and those involved in setting fashion trends or more classic standards on all things we love. Be it clothing, home furnishing, architectural designs, arts and the likes. However, this subject never ceases to confound me. It may be a popular conversation starter, but in my opinion, it’s no longer a question that needs asking.

Lets first examine what constitutes a price. According to, price is define as – A value that will purchase a finite quantity, weight, or other measure of a good or service. As the consideration given in exchange for transfer of ownership, price forms the essential basis of commercial transactions. It may be fixed by a contract, left to be determined by an agreed upon formula at a future date, or discovered or negotiated during the course of dealings between the parties involved. Style on the other hand is a distinctive manner of expression (as in writing or speech, according to Webster-Merriam dictionary. When it comes to devising a plan to create the living space you have always dreamed about, either after you have moved in on your own for the first time or purchased you new home, style should never take over price. Let me clarify, I am not suggesting spending gazillions of dollars for items that you can normally get at a discount at any chain stores or items that are overly priced just because it comes from a particular designing house. What I am talking about here is creating a bold, whimsical and timeless wallcoverings that showcases your personality, that after all will be your sanctuary, your private space where you – recover, re-charge, spend time with family and friends and will experience some of your most intimate moments. In our more than fifteen years of experience in the treatment of wall coverings we have realized that  connecting your living space with your personality not only enhances your ability to spend many happy moments around your home, but also sets the tone for lasting and fondling memories that will last a lifetime.

To help you achieve that we consider every aspect of your life and interaction with the outside world to help you create wallcoverings to not only display but showcase your personality, character and of course …Style. Take a look at one of our latest projects and peruse our web page while you are at it.Continue Reading..