Founded in Caracas, Venezuela, KSA BAHAREQUE – U.S. is renown throughout Latin America for high quality glamorous and elegant designer wallcoverings. Each creation designed by KSA BAHAREQUE’s expert team is as unique as the client who commissions it, capturing and reflecting the taste, personality and character set forth by each customer. With over a decade of working exclusively in Latin America, the company expanded into the United States in 2014, establishing its U.S. headquarters in Miami.

Industrial Engineer and artisan – Pablo Hernandez works closely with his team of professionals to ensure that every residential and commercial project meets deadline and budget, as well as the creativity and high standards that KSA BAHAREQUE is known for.

We invite you to set up an appointment to view our operations and quality of workmanship firsthand. Give us a call today at 786. 614. 4948 and let us embark upon a journey by helping you create the living space of your dreams.


KSA Bahareque –  is dedicated to the creation of dynamic, aesthetically pleasing high-end eclectic wallcoverings, that brings life, character and personality to a room, while maximizing the space and décor of the assigned area in your home or commercial project. Our portfolio features a wide array of residential and commercial projects of large scale.  We pride ourselves on designs tailored specifically to your unique ideas, maintaining relationships through open dialogue and inclusion in the design process.

KSA Bahareque –  works side by side with architects and the interior design’s industry most renowned names, as well as, as a few unheard of, to combine our experience and excellent project management abilities, not only in design, but also in understanding the needs of every client and project.  By presenting designs, patterns, textures and color selections that aesthetically interact to create and furnish the space while maintaining character and functionality that remains within the client’s projected budget and time frame.

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